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Finding your own pace

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Sep 26, 2011 12:33PM
I tend to hurt all over when I walk. I'm talking feet, back, the works. I get cranky and just want to sit down. Admittedly I am not in prime condition. Plus I have hypermobile joints and a couple of other ailments.

This is why I was very surprised the other day when I walked a longer distance feeling just grand.

Something was different, you see. I wasn't walking with anyone, no family, no children, no sightseeing, just getting from one place to the other on my own.

It turns out that my natural pace of walking is fast. Seeing me you would think I am in a hurry but left to my own that is my natural walking pace. At that pace I walk in a flow. Anything slower than that I start to hurt all over.

Realizing this I turned philosofical. Isn't this true for our lives? If you try to match someone else's preferred pace, you might well end up feeling uncomfortable.

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