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CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Apr 13, 2011 09:15PM
Both my children are like me very particular eaters. To outsiders it translates to being very picky and difficult about what we want to eat. In my life it has been quiet a social handicap but not one I have been able to change very much.

This past weekend we were 9 adults and 6 children for an extended family weekend. We were staying in a hotel and part of the package was a nightly buffet.

At first my children got the usual stares from the family for having only bread and a either corn or carrots on their plates. But as the adults got down to eating a funny thing happened that stayed with me.

The adults didn't like the food. It was some kind of Carribian theme with a lot of coconut and it was not a popular choice with the family. So while the adults were very unhappy with the food, it also being the big subject the next day, my 10 year old son sat happily eating what he claimed was some of the best bread he had ever had.

He had a wonderful, satisfying meal of freshly baked bread with carrots (and all-you-can-eat ice cream :-)). I guess the point is that sometimes less is more.

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