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CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Dec 06, 2011 12:39PM
Another detour from the list :-)

I figured something out today that I would like to share, it's about body shape/weight. I can't change mine at present. Ideally I would weigh 6-8 pounds less than I do - nothing big but enough to not feel entirely at home in my body. But that is the way it is right now. There is nothing I can do to change it.

That may sound challenging. How about dieting? Exercise? I have no idea what your siuation is like but this is mine: I get 75-80% of my nourishment from prahna/light. This means that I do not need to eat very much. Also, I am at a level where my body will take anything I eat and rebuild it to what the body needs. What I eat, above what is needed for the 10-15%, is disgarded.

The logic conclusion is that I can eat whatever I want (I was never a great fan of food anyway), and that my body shape has nothing to do with what I eat. This has been clear to me for a while, and it means that my weight is an illusion that has nothing to do with my intake of food or anything else.

A couple of years ago, a higher body weight could indicate the need for grounding, but I should not need that anymore. Today I realized that my body is actually storing high vibrational energy. It is my impression that it serves both as a buffer for me personally and as a storage I can tap into, when I need to release larger amounts of energy for some work.

This spring I had a very intense few days where I unleached enormous amounts of energy that had been built up over a longer periode of time. During the release I lost about 6 pounds in a day. A week later the weight was back up to its present level.

If anyone should ask me what I do to lose the 6-8 pounds that are not mine, my answer is this: "Nothing. I wait." One day I won't need them anymore, and they will melt away. I think I'll have another cookie, while I wait :-)

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