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Manifestations in 3D

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 07, 2011 11:48AM
A couple of years ago I had a fun time with something I picked up from the people that are today - Seeing the real in the unreal and seeing the unreal in the real.

I'll try to remember to share some of the funny insights with you another day. It was just I was reminded of it today.

This is what apparently happened: I read in a news letter that the local department store was having free make-overs with my favorite make-up brand. I went to the department store today when they opened and got an appointment for 30 min. later. Perfect.

As usual when a make-up artist is doing my face we get to talking. I seldom start out with the I-am-spiritual part. But I don't mind that line of there is an interest. In this case there was certainly an interest - and an awful lot of synchronisity as well. By the time we were done (with the makeover) the woman looks at me in wonder and asks "Who sent you?".

The only answer here is "You did. You sent me your way." It may just be my weird sense of humour but I find the 3D construction of this meeting so funny. And happy too :-)

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