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What is probable for the immediate future

LinksPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 15, 2011 10:51PM
Below is a quote from a new article by José Stevens of Power Path Inc. addresing the situation in Egypt,

The quote is the last part of that article:

"What is probable for the immediate future

Think shocking and sudden change and this will give you a sense of what is coming. Shocking and sudden does not have to be negative but it does mean resistance to change is futile and you will have to learn to adapt quickly. The revolutionary spirit is alive and well and never before have we seen such fertile ground for its success. Therefore it is probable that not only will the Middle East erupt this or next year, many other parts of the world are ripe for radical change as well. South America still has potential for major upheaval, especially Venezuela, and much of Africa is up for grabs. The United States may see attempts to dismantle the Union and break up the nation state. Certainly there are factions that would like to radically change the constitution along the lines of their own ideology. These factions are deadly serious and could pose a serious threat to the status quo. When a black man became president many decided that the country they once knew was finished and they hold no loyalty to the nation anymore.

At the same time there are those who are tired of seeing the nations politicians sold to the highest bidder, in essence owned by the corporations. Expect serious pushback coming from those wishing to fight corruption on every level. Yes, the United States will not simply be an observer on the world stage but may very well experience its own difficult upheavals, threatening its sovereignty. In a way it is 1776 all over again but this time with different themes.

The world will be a construction zone complete with swirling dust, noise, debris, hard hats, and heavy equipment. At times it will look chaotic and ugly with little hope of redemption. The old buildings will be falling to the wrecking ball and gradually new edifices will rise revealing a new presentation for all to see. In the process perhaps many will sacrifice their lives and many others will fall victim to drought, flooding, food disruption, lack of clean water, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Remember nature always mirrors what is going on for humans on an emotional level. In a way, change has always been part of human history and the longer you have been on this planet the better you will be at riding out the turbulence while contributing to a new vision of what can be. Spend your precious moments enjoying your essence and focusing on a world that you would love to manifest. Be grateful for all that is and for the very good fortune of having been created to create.

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