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The all-purpose charger

LinksPosted by Karin Kristensen Jul 06, 2012 04:02AM
The charger for my camera has gone walk-about again. Somehow I didn't unpack after last year's vacation and thought it lost. Then it turned up just in time for this year's vacation on a shelf in one of our rooms - definately not a place I put but who cares... Now we're in the middle of the vacation, I'm sure I packed the charger, but I can't find it anywhere and the camera was in need of some juice.

So I got thinking - other than buying a new one, which seemed pointless as I'm sure it'll turn up again, or trying to borrow one, which was unsuccessful, what could I do?

The puzzle had two pieces.

First piece: When I talk on my cell phone I always hold it in my left hand, and I've noticed how it becomes overly hot and decharges much more quickly than usual. I'm right-handed so left side draws in and right side gives. I figure I'm pulling the energy from the phone battery through the chakra in my palm when I hold it.

Second piece: Back when I took my reiki master degree, my instructor told me how - to her surprise - she realized that her cell phone was charging while she held it though it was not connected to an outlet.

Result: Attempt to charge the camera by holding it in my right hand palm. It works :-)

I thought it worked. It doesn't :-( But that doesn't mean it can't. Maybe if I hold the camera between my palms and have them work as a capacitator...

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