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Who pushed the button?

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 03, 2011 11:07PM
This is so strange, haven't gotten over it yet. I write books. I don't publish books - yet, but I write, can't help it anymore. These days I am writing my first real novel. Up until now I have written either of my own experiences, done short stories or written a few manuscripts for childrens books.

So deciding to write book I in a trilogy has been a challenge. My plan has been to finish the first book before summer and I have slowly but steadily been writing.

Less than two weeks ago I made some energetic changes, freeing more time for myself. I thought I would like to paint more. I was wrong. Since then I have been run over by ideas for childrens illustrated books. I am not one for illustrating myself but I write a story pr. day! Four days a week! I just sit down and write the one of my many ideas that I have decided to do that day.

I did four stories last week and it looks like four more this week, with another three ideas still waiting in line. I wonder where it will lead - maybe to publishing? In my opinion each script is a lottery ticket. The more tickets, the better the chance. And the wider the scope the better the chance.

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Random events?

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 18, 2011 10:10AM
We have had a fierce wind here for days. We have also seen a case of the stomach flue doing the rounds. Some are sick for days. Other are done in a day. Some say it is highly contagous. In our family only one caught it.

Call it what you like. I call it cleansing.

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Great Hearts Day

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 13, 2011 10:23PM
Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Drop the commercial version by all means. But be aware that whatever we send energy to takes on a life of its own. Valentines Day may be created by business but today it has another meaning as well.

Welcome, if you will, Great Hearts Day tomorrow. Take the oppotunity to send love from the heart to all - especially to yourself.

Take a few minutes to consider what has been noticable in your life these past few days. Personally I have had bouts of envy (mostly in the area of writing) so many times I have become almost immune. What can I do anyway? Envy is not exactly a useful feeling. I have done my best to sample the feeling and then evaporate it with love, over and over again.

What is your theme? What would free you in your life if you evaporated it with love?

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CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 11, 2011 11:00PM
Funny, I hadn't noticed the date until a friend called my attention to it.

So, what's a date? All I've noticed on my own account has been a fairly restless, slightly depressed mood, feeling unhappy that I don't seem to be able to focus enough on writing my novel, and feeling that it probably won't be much good anyway.

Sometimes I wish I knew more about numerology, only I don't want things to get too ridgid. But what else happened today other than me being a bit unreasonable? Oh yes, that's right. The Egyptian president resigned - after saying yesterday that he wouldn't. After having been in power for 30 years.

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Simple Truths III

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 01, 2011 01:51PM
"Is it a problem?"

"Is it a problem right now?"
"Well, sort of yes. It will be a problem real soon."

"Is it a problem right now?"
"Well, no, I guess not, but tomorrow..."

"Is it a problem right now?"
"Then it is not a problem."

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Simple Truths II

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 31, 2011 09:41PM
What you don't like in another person is almost always a mirror of what you don't like in yourself.

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Simple Truths I

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 29, 2011 09:16PM
You cannot change another person. You can change yourself, brake old patterns, brake old ties, and thus change the energy and interaction between you. But you have to start with You.

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Feeling powerless

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 28, 2011 09:48AM

For almost 6 months I have been regularly in touch with Sedgwick Claims Management Service due to a fall I suffered this summer at a Ross Store. Now I have finally given up trying to get a decent settlement from them. The most intersting point, though, is how I have been feeling about this.

You might well be aware of this but we build energy into all our written communication, even emails. This is why sometimes a feeling surfaces even before you have opened an email to read it. Every single time I have recieved an email from Sedgwick CMS, I have felt afraid and angry.

This is puzzling because even though I have worked hard to get a decent settlement, I have no financial issues due to the injury as I live in Denmark with free health care. But still I have had this knot of fear in my stomach every time and at the same time I have become more angry than I ever get at anyone. I want to sue them, make them pay and if I had one of their employees physically in front of me, I would probably be tempted to take a sving at him/her.

Wow! That is intense! I am usually never like that and frankly I don't enjoy it the least which is why I give up, which makes me angry, because they win, which... So I am just going to stop right here :-) It makes me curious about what kind of work place Sedgwick CMS is? What do they do to their employers to radiate such negativity in their emails? And I also finally named my complex feelings. It is called "feeling powerless".

Suddenly I understand a little better what can make someone take a gun and start shooting. Or what makes children have tantrums. I don't know if we can melt the people or institutions that makes us feel powerless with unconditional love. Heaven knows I have tried :-) But if we understand a bit more about the anger and frustration that they impart to people, we can certainly help melt that anger with love. Most people, young or old, really want to be "seen" and to have their situation recognized. Maybe next time we feel like getting angry right back at someone, we can try to send love from the heart. Who knows, maybe they just had an unpleasant email and their anger has nothing to do with you :-)

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It's only yours if you want it

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 25, 2011 11:22AM
The mood of today is: sadness. At least that is how I feel today. It is a fact that I feel sad. The question is, what shall I do about this feeling of sadness?

What I usually do is do a quick scan of my current situation. Has anything come up since yesterday when I was not feeling sad? Usually the answer is no and so I decide that the feeling of sadness has nothing to do with me. I can't make it go away but I can ignore it. And I certainly don't have to act on it or dig for reasons. In time the sadness will go away.

In the words of Tobias of The Crimson Circle: It is only mine if I want it. As I choose today to not own this feeling of sadness, it will eventually evaporate leaving no trace on my life.

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Something in the air

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 24, 2011 09:17AM

Right here where I am now, Copenhagen Denmark, there is a very strange feeling in the air. It is foggy and oh so quiet.

I learned once that fog is a tool of easing the path across the veil. It certainly seems that way today. It feels magical and mysterious but not bad in any way.

I feel tired, as if I need to stay calm and I do know one person who spent the whole weekend and then some dealing with major cleansing of both herself and her child. I have a feeling that it took place right now to get ready for the energies of today.

I checked the date. I am not into numerology in any major way but I do experience some dates being energy portals. If it had been 21-1-11 today that might have explained todays energy flow. It wasn't :-)

So, it is just here, flowing peaceful upgrating energy. Relax, sit back, breathe deeply and drink it in...

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The world in motion

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 23, 2011 09:36PM
Tunisia - revolution

Algeria - demonstrations

Jordan - demonstrations demanding that the preminister and the government resign

Albania - demonstrations demanding an early election

Yemen - demonstrations demanding that the president follow the Tunisian precident in excile

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Sometimes it only takes one man

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 22, 2011 12:48PM
This comment is about Tunisia. I have to say that until a few weeks ago I knew very little about this country. I had spent a cold week in February with my parents when I was 11 years old. I remember the white hotel, the food my dad and I didn't like, the interesting market with the far too pushy sellers, being too visibly a tourist and the marveless wonder of the ruins of Carthage.

I had not given any thought to how the people of Tunisia might live or their form of government. Until this January we just didn't hear very much about Tunisia. Then a young man killed himself by setting fire to himself because he could not even get to sell produce to help feed his family. Suddenly Tunisia got turned upside down.

There was a dictator. He has now fled. The people have taken charge. Everything is changing. Remember this sentence "Everything is changing". Does change always have to be feared? In this case I guess only feared by the absent dictator and his people. When you find yourself fearing change maybe it is time to wonder what good might come it. And I at least marvel at how the actions of one man at the right time can change a whole country. Sometimes it only takes one single person.

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The energies right now

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 21, 2011 03:11PM
I don't know about you but I feel that the year was off to a fairly rough start after a fairly rough ending.

All sorts of alignments got thrown at us with winter solstice, 01-01-11, new moon with eclipse, 01-10-11...

Right now there seems to be a bit of breathing space. The practical issues that were stalling, such as finding a new tenant, have been solved. Feb. 1. is still a long ways away, even the water around the globe seems to have become more dormant.

Remember to enjoy it while it lasts if you feel the same way.

By the way, did you notice something about what has happened as a result of all the flooding? People are helping each other! I saw an interview with a woman outside of Brisbane who didn't know half of the people who was helping her. The same goes for the people of Brisbane.

My very gifted astrologer friend has said for several years that part of what is happening now is a lesson in learning to help each other and work together. Maybe all is not what it seems :-) Maybe what we see are not disasters but learning tools.

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CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 21, 2011 02:59PM
I originally started this blog to post links to other websites and add a few general comments, so that I wouldn't have to remember to email those of my friends who might need the information.

Well, I haven't used the blog much and now we have entered 2011 and I am getting the message from many sources that it is time to stop hiding. I will start writing much more actively. As before it will be a mixture of references to information I find useful when trying to make sense of what is happening in our world, and my own observations.

Everything here on the blog is yours if you want it. But in order to make myself available to more people on a more personal level I have made an addition to my website: a subscription page (

I don't think I have actually seen such a construction before but I like the idea because it opens up to a more direct, rather than passive, interaction. It is an offer to you to use as you like. Would you like personal training in how to get rid of the drama in your life? Or in how to find your passion? Would you like to discuss health issues? Whatever you want to know, I'll give you my take on it combined with the sudden flashes that comes from my intuition when dealing with people. It will cost you less and be more flexible than any workshop or personal session, whatever level you might want to choose.

Though I love to write and intereact I am not sure yet how many people I can promise my interaction to at a given time. That is why the subscription service will be subject to a waiting list when I reach my maximum - whenever that will be.

The good news is that my e-books are still available through my website and the blog is all for free too as is the free initiations to the energy of The Temple of Love in Atlantis on my website. Nothing has changed in that sense. I have just opened up to more possibilities.

What else am I doing right now? I have finished translating "Creating Your Own Reality - A Survival Kit" to Danish. I felt a need for it in my native language. It was quite a challenge to convert the language but it is now being edited by some helpful people and by next month I should be able to have a go at some lucky Danish publisher :-)

I have just resumed my work on a fiction triology in Danish that I started in December. This means that there will be no new English writing for a while longer. I do have a store of stories that do not yet fill a volume but I really want to finish the first book, The Journey To Utopia, by June at the latest.

I seem to finally be getting our house ready for sale. I have been wanting to move for several years but no matter how much you try to manifest, the timing is not always right. I think it might be now.

Finally I need to get ready to host a pink birthday party on Sunday for eight 7-year olds.

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Going with the flow

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Dec 29, 2010 04:59PM
As in many places Denmark has seen loads of snow already this winter. As Christmas was approaching a snow storm was predicted for Dec. 23. This is traditionally the big day for travelling to stay with family. Denmark is a very small country. Travelling straight across usually takes about 3 hours. Not so this Christmas.

My family and I was planning to visit family in Esbjerg, across the country, as usual and planning to leave on Dec. 23. with a snow storm brewing. On the 22. some people took 14 hours to reach their destination instead of the usual 4 hours. So we prepared well. We brought warm clothes, blankets, extra food and a showel. We told the children that it was to be like flying across the Atlantic as we do in the summer. We made sure that there was gas on the car, and then we took off.

Nothing much happened. We drove through the not quite so bad weather on the pretty bad roads. Even the freeway that we were on was snow and ice covered. We had a narrow escape getting stuck in an endless line on a blocked part of the freeway. A truck had skidded and was bloking the whole road. we saw the line just in time to turn onto the high way.

We spent 6 hours on a drive that usually takes 3 hours. But it was safe for us and uneventful.

I find this trip a good tale about the state of the world at the moment. We could not control the snow storm. It was out of the question for us to make it to Esbjerg in 3 hours. We adapted to the circumstances, took our precausions and went with the flow. Worked perfectly...

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Simplicity of living

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Nov 30, 2010 10:39PM
This comment is of a more personal nature. This summer I was visiting a Ross store in California, slipped on a hanger on the floor and fell.

Now, had this happened back in Denmark some employee in the store might have apologized and helped me up and any medical bills would have been taken care of by the social health care.

But I fell and hurt myself in the US. So while I was on the floor, still trying to figure out if anything was broken and not wanting to move, a very concerned store employee came running, helped me sit, offered water, took a report and provided me with a claims number.

This was a brand new world opening up to me - or at least a new set of experiences :-)

At first I thought, what a great thing it was for a company to take responsability for their negligence. I could also smell their fear of law suits. A whole industry grew from this US-based fear. It took me a while to realize that that Ross has employed a company to handle their claims, Sedgwick Claims Management Service. So you've got lawers, claims companies, doctors, etc. all in business, what a way to keep people employed and keep money circulating. Or might it be to settle claims fast and efficient with the least inconvinience? Impressed!

By now, almost 6 months hence, I am less impressed. I feel I got black listed when I turned down Sedgwick's first offer right after the accident. I got an email with a severe warning about what costs they might not pay and had I lived in the US and had to cover my own medical bills I would have felt very nervous about the situation.

By now Sedgwick ignores my emails and I am currently trying to figure out if it is one of those companies, where the main issue is to avoid settle any claims, or if the employees are plain overworked. I hope it is the last situation but I suspect that it is the first.

What a drama! Is there not a more simple way? Like where I live? I don't even know the script. I wonder what I am supposed to do now according to the script. Find a lawer and file a law suit to keep the money flowing? That would certainly be another first experience :-) Pour a little more drama into the US that is already overflowing? Any suggestions from people who know more about this cycles of money/fear/drama than I do? Please feel free to mail me at

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Africa on the internet

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jul 28, 2009 01:30PM

"What do you mean? Of course Africia is on the internet"

Well, up until now Africa has mainly only been on a very slow version of the internet. You could check mails and do a bit of none too stranious surfing. But now East Africa is being hooked up to an off-shore fiber optics cable.

Apparently the project has been years on the way and it may sound a bit trivial but, believe me, it is not! Try to imagine some of implications...

Millions of new sellers and buyers on eBay. Unlimited access to information. On-line education. On-line medical help to people even in remote villages...

And do you know why the local governments have invested in this? They plan to make East Africa the new Call Centre Hub of the world. Imagine the effects in India.

So it is not just a question of some faster internet. It is the shifting of power.

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If you're not, you don't

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen May 31, 2009 10:53AM

I really like this latest newsletter from Dick Sutphen,

If you are not really working to get what you say you want, you don’t really want it. You may think you want it, but not really, or you’d be doing something to manifest it in your life. Obviously, you’re putting other things first and you’re fooling yourself about your priorities.

We’re all extremely busy and there is no possible way we can put everything in the number one, or two, or three priority position. But just for fun, why not list your priorities, by how you spend your free time.

Darcy says she wants to find a husband. She talks about it endlessly. She is ready to settle down and have children. But Darcy spends her time with other women enjoying female athletics. She rarely sees a single man because the events are just for women. I asked her, “If you find a husband, a lot of things are going to change in your life. What are the changes you won’t like?”

She thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not going to give up my sports activities with the girls.”

“But your sports activities take up all your spare time,” I said. “Are you saying if you had a husband, you would not make any time for him?”

She looked at me with a blank expression. The thought had never occurred to her. She was not doing anything to find a husband. She wasn’t even on any of the social or dating websites. Darcy was not clear on her intent.

Morgan examined his priorities by the amount of free time he spent on each one. 1) sex, because he spends a couple of hours a day visiting porn sites. I told him I didn’t think his first priority was sex, or he’d be out chasing women for a couple hours a day. “Your first priority is being a sexual voyeur.” He didn’t like that. When I initially asked him what his first priority was, he said, “Developing my psychic ability.”

Marie listed her priorities as, 1) her boyfriend that she plans to marry, 2) her career, 3) horseback riding. But she spends all her free time at her mother’s house, she does no cooking, and although he wants children, she refuses to even talk about it. She is a hairdresser, but she gripes nonstop about her clients and the work. And she admits that the last time she went horseback riding was at a rental stable eight months ago.

If you’re not working to get what say you want, you don’t really want it.

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Transition Towns

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Apr 17, 2009 09:56PM

Looking for a new way of doing things? Check out this website on Transition Towns:

Oh, and Karen Bishop has a new report out as of yesterday...

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What if...?

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Apr 10, 2009 10:24PM

What if the economy of a country was to colapse completely?

Hmm, that already happened. Iceland went bankrupt.

What if the world economy was to colapse completely? All money disappear? How would we get food? What would be your contribution? What would you barter with?

I seem to be musing a lot along those lines. My passion is to create and teach. Teaching might not get me food for my family but my creations just might. These days I have started creating silk scarves and personalized bracelets made with gem beads.

As I work and as I order new materials I feel like a squirril stocking up for winter. The more scarves I have stored away, the more Lemurian crystals I have sitting in my meditation room without being sold, the safer I feel.

I guess I ought to be sad that what I am passionate about does not have a very high market value right now. I almost wish it would continue to be so. But I can't shake the feeling that I am preparing for winter and will be ever so happy to be able to pull one after the other of my creations and passions out of my drawers, the day when money is no longer available.

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The Storm

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 31, 2009 05:21PM

Boy, I am so tired of the energy storm that is raging right now. I think that "storm" is the right word. It seems that few things flow well and last week I managed to puzzle the pieces together. My astrologer friend talked about a quadrant with Mercury (makes little sense to me) that had some adverse effect and that started the Friday before. Hmm, looking at the calender I got my suspicions confirmed. She was talking about Friday 20., the day of the spring exquinox. There was a huge energy influx on that day. A few days later came the new moon (March 24.) with another energy influx.

According to Karen Bishop these energies are designed to let go once again. I am sure that people in need of this kick in the butt is feeling the full effect of the storm but even being "inside and with the windows shut" I can feel the storm. I do hope it will let up soon. I keep having to watch myself to not go into dramas. I am sure that it is good exercise but still... It seems that few things come through at the moment though it does seem to be a benificial time for launching new projects, just as long as one does not expect to see results straight away :-)

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Yeah, a new book!

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 11, 2009 09:40AM

I am really excited today! I am off this morning to start writing a new book. I have already written a couple of book manuscripts ( and none have been published yet. It is not important. It just means that one day I'll have a lot of material ready :-)

Anyway, the other day I was walking down the street and suddenly I knew exactly how to pass on all the knowledge I have gained on how to create your own reality.

Several have suggested that I should put my knowledge and my tools into writing but I have felt that it would not make a very long book because it is really so simple. So - make the book short!

I thought I was going to start painting (another call beckoning me) before I would write more. And I thought that the next book would be my vision for 2098, The Sisterhood. I guess I was wrong because right now I can hardly wait until my favorite café, where I always do my writing, opens at 10 a.m. :-)

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From Dick Sutphen

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 11, 2009 09:33AM

I subscribe to the weekly newsletter of Dick Sutphen. He is a hypnotherapist and a regression therapist. His website is:

I want to share with you the newsletter of Feb. 28, 2009. Hmmm, no explanations - just read it :-)

“Bad Union”

John came to my Westlake Village, CA office. We shook hands and I pointed him to the recliner chair. We chatted for a couple minutes. “What are we going to work on?” I asked, picking up my notebook and taking a pen from my pocket.

“I’m having an affair,” he said. The expression on his face told me he had shocked himself at how bluntly the words rolled out of his mouth. “My wife doesn’t know it, but I’m going to have to tell, because I’m really in love.”

I waited.

He looked down, up, smiled. “Marsha and her husband recently moved into the neighborhood, and my wife invited her into the local women’s group. It was a couple months before we met, but when we did, I became weak in the knees. I mean literally. Marsha felt the same way. No one else noticed, thank God.”

“How soon after this did the affair start?” I asked.

“Two weeks.” He looked sheepish. “I’ve never done anything like that. I just couldn’t help myself.”

I never make judgments. There is no way to know the full story without extended therapy, and that is not what most people come to me for. They’re looking for understanding -- an explanation they hope to find in past-life regression or Spirit-Contact work. And sometimes they are quite surprised at what they find.

I know John was expecting to learn he had met his soulmate, they had shared many past lives, and destiny was pulling them together. I explained how I worked. We would check to see if the two of them had been together in another lifetime. If they had been together in many lives, he would perceive the life most influencing his current life. Then after we’d explored the life, I would move him into Higher-Self, where I would introduce him to his Spirit Guide and maybe others in spirit who could help us find the truth.

I hypnotized and directed him back to a shared past-life in the early 1900s. They shared their same gender roles, but he was responsible for an accident that disfigured her. His last contact with her in that incarnation, was her screaming threats from her hospital bed.

Next, we moved into Higher-Self where John met his Spirit Guide, a grey haired oriental man named Han who was wearing a strange outfit with “ruffles.”

“Han will project words into your mind, and you’ll hear them as if he were talking to you,” I said. “Han, can you speak up and tell John what he needs to know about the relationship he is having with Marsha?”

I waited. John was deep in hypnosis, his head tipped to one side, listening. “Han says, ‘Bad union.’” Han went on to explain that John was highly attracted to Marsha, just as he had been in the previous life. But she had turned very bitter after the accident and lived out the lifetime hating him. Years of hatred focused at John, karmically assured they would come back together again. It would start with Marsha destroying John’s marriage so they could be together.

In a similar case, I worked on a few years ago, it started like this. The woman managed to take my client from his wife. After marrying him, she destroyed him financially, and when he became sick, she left him.

Before awakening John, I directed him through a tearful forgiveness process. He forgave himself for what had happened in the past, but there was little he could do about Marsha in the present, other than send her light and healing.

After awakening John, he sat in the recliner for several minutes, staring at his feet. “What am I going to do?” he said.

“I think you know what to do. The only question is, do you have the strength to do it?” I said.

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The Napa Way

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Mar 03, 2009 03:23AM

Seen on a vinery billboard on the road to Napa:

"Our stimulus package comes in a bottle"

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Come to the edge...

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Feb 20, 2009 05:58PM

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high!
And they came
And he pushed
And they flew.

Christopher Logue, 1968

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Beacon of Light

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 30, 2009 05:21PM

I finally figured out what is meant by the term "A shining beacon of light".

It is when your energy flow becomes to strong, that it is no longer your body containing your light but your light containing your body.

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A String of Peals

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 29, 2009 07:21PM

I had so hoped that the purpose of my trip to India would reveal itself as a grand and spectacular neckless for all to see - and for all to understand.

Instead it turned out to be a delicate string of pearls, each beautiful in their own right. But not grand, nor spectacular - just beautiful.

I wonder how long it will take me to truly release my expectations about doing grand and visible work. Because it is really just an ego thing. Only the ego needs to prove it's worth. The soul knows the worth.

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Jan. 26., Chennai

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 28, 2009 03:27PM

I would like to share with you an experience I had two days ago here in India. I wrote this down on the day it happened:

Today was the running together of oh so many energies here in Chennai. Apart from the full moon, the hindu holiday and the independance day, there was also a partial solar eclipse.

The eclipse started around 3 pm local time and went on for about 45 min. I was determined to be at the banyan tree on the grounds of the headquarter of the Theosophical Society at that time and I made it :-) The banyan tree is actually a very large groove covered by all the "children" of the original banyan tree. The area is fenced off but you can sit on a stone bench and look in. Looking in among the trees there is little doubt that the place is a portal.

Karen, the Danish woman that accidentally turned out to be my neighbour at the B&B, came along because she wanted to see the place, and as we were having a meeting with one of my Indian aquintances and her husband when it was time to leave, Deepa and Loy wanted to come too.

As I sat in front of the large area that the banyan tree covered, the energy was sooooo strong - much stronger than two days ago when I was last in the garden. I was almost dizzy with the impact. At first I focused on the feeling of finally emerging fully from my cocoon, being finally a true butterfly. Then after a while I realized that I was just one of a vast ring of very many souls/spirits. In the middle of the banyan groove a huge and immensely powerfull shaft of white light was coming down, and I was the physical anchor for the circle that focused the energy. That was why I needed to be there. I could sense the presence of several of my close connections but there were so many more - hundreds, I would say.

I am not quite sure what it was all about. The centre of the banyan groove where the energy shaft came down is a portal so we might have brought in the energy from some other Universe. I also know that in two days there'll be a huge event in Chennai for world peace guided by The Art of Living. I sense that maybe this was laying the foundation for that event. And maybe this answers my question about why I am here - hmmm, not a reason that is easy to explain to my parent in-laws...

It was so beautiful! For hours afterwards I felt like I was walking on air. I was wearing an old Indian ring, I had bought, silver, a bit of gold and some stones. I feel it vibrating with the power of todays experience. I feel almost as if I would be able to cast forth a strong ray of light from the sapphire in the middle, should I attempt it. Maybe that was why I was drawn to that particular ring. Now I have the ring too. Now I just need the white beard to be Gandalf :-D

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Leap of Faith

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 21, 2009 09:26PM

I am off to India early tomorrow morning. It is a leap of faith. In october I was in Chennai (formerly Madras) and thus in India for the first time. I visited a friend I had reconnected with through the internet and spent all of my 8 days there teaching.

I felt I should go there again. This time I have no plans, no people to see, nothing that indicates that there might be a good reason for me to go. I guess that a vacation could sound like a good reason but I would rather go to Rome for a vacation. I found Chennai very friendly but also very confusing the first time.

For some ego-based reason it is important to me to have a reason to go to Chennai. I feel I need to justify going there. Right here, the day before leaving, I have absolutely no idea why I am going. It really bugs me and I feel both driven up the wall and like laughing loudly at that part of me.

I have a few very faint pictures of some potentials, some things that might happen, people I might meet. But really, I have no idea. I have armed myself with my computer, a bunch of book and a shopping list including a few gold pieces and some colourful tunics. I am going to vistit the 400 store shopping mall, sit at a café and people watch and go chat with ascended master Babaji on the grounds of the headquarter of the Theosophical Society. That's it - I think...

Arrrgh!!! I want to know why I am going!! Ok, I know. I won't know unless I go - and maybe not even then... It isn't the first time I don't know why I am going somewhere. I usually don't. So why is it bothering me so much this time?

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National Debt Clock

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 17, 2009 10:11PM

Are you American?

Do you realize that there is a big clock/counter on Times Square, NY, showing the debt of the moment in total and pr. capita?

In Oct. 2008 the debt surpassed $10 trillion and ran out of digets.,8599,1850269,00.html

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CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 16, 2009 01:49PM
Have you ever wondered how what you don't like about another person usually is a exact reflexion of what you don't like about yourself...

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Higher Tuition

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 15, 2009 05:45PM\US\20090115\College-Costs.xml&cat=us&subcat=&pageid=1

Consider what is going on here: Many more people laid off, it is more difficult to borrow money, higher tuitions (too high to start with), fewer students, fewer colleges - what will happen to the college educations of young people?

Maybe something new is very needed here too. In Denmark there is no such thing as tuition, you know...

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A new year and a new start

CommentsPosted by Karin Kristensen Jan 15, 2009 05:37PM

This is not my first blog but I have not felt the need to write one for quite some time.

We have now entered the year 2009 and for many of us this year will present not just the chaos that most people see but almost tremendous opportunity for following your heart and your passion. In this spirit I want to make available to all interested the I share with my closest associates.

My main focus is what you might call The Shift - the present changes of the world. I feel very connected to the US and much information in this blog may be especially related to this area of the world.

You are welcome to join in and ask me questions, both about global development and personal growth. If possible I will post answers here on the blog.

A curious observation - among the choices for a template for this blog was this picture of the dandilions When the concept of The New Era Energy Institute first came to me it came with a manifest: Like the seeds of the dandilions the mighty wind will come and blow us all over the world.

It is time to take off - come join me for the ride of your lives :-)


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